Ryanair to take delivery of Boeing 737 Max from 2021

Ryanair will take delivery of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft from early 2021 onwards. Following the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max accident in 2019, all Boeing 737 Max planes have been grounded. Before the accident, RyanAir has already made an order for 135 of the Boeing 737 Max.

Boeing is on the road to alleviating the issue of the 737 Max flight control system. Investigators criticized the 737 Max’s Flight Control Device for the accidents.

Ryan Air - aviationnepal
Source: mirror.co.uk

The FAA has released a draft study on updated training protocols for the 737 Max, and multiple test flights were successfully conducted last week. The FAA is waiting to collect feedback by 1 November.
EASA reported that taking into consideration FAA certification, the aircraft would not usually be deemed to be airworthy in Europe.

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