S7 Airlines Airbus A320-200 both windshields damaged by hail

S7 Airlines Airbus A320-200 experienced a hail storm while on a flight from Chelyabinsk to Moscow Domodedovo. Both outer windshield glasses were cracked. On July 3, Airbus A320-200 VP-BOL successfully landed at Domodedovo Airport about 2:20 hours after departure.

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Mash, an aircraft passenger, stated, ” We were heading to Moscow from Chelyabinsk on July 03 evening. The aircraft gained altitude when it suddenly found itself in a zone of turbulence and experienced a hail storm. But despite the broken windows, the pilots successfully landed the plane in Moscow and almost on time.”

As a result, the aircraft from Chelyabinsk arrived 19 minutes delayed at Domodedovo – at 22:54.

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