Salary hike proposal drafted to Finance Ministry

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is set to increase the salary of pilots as it has only become the course of action for the corporation to retain its pilots. NAC has been encountering shortage of pilots occasionally. The famine of pilots has often been the eye-catching headline for the majority of news dairies in the country. The ruling reason behind the issue is the low pay scale NAC’s pilots have been receiving.

The Spokesperson of NAC Rabindra Shrestha said, “We are waiting for decision as the proposal on increasing the salary of pilots has already been submitted to the Finance Ministry.”

Previously, similar type of proposal from NAC was rejected by Finance Ministry. As per our information, the senior pilots at NAC earn Rs2,50,000 to Rs3,00,000 monthly whereas private airline company pay at least Rs5,00, 000 to senior pilots monthly. Due to the substantial difference in pay scale, pilot at NAC followed the trend of resigning and joining private airline companies hence, compelling NAC to hike the salary now. Senior pilots at NAC are expected to receive a maximum salary of six lakhs if the proposal will be agreed by the Finance Ministry.

NAC had previously grounded two out of its three captains due to their ill and pathetic behavior. Meanwhile, one out of three was sacked and other is yet waiting for the ban to end. Thus the misbehavior of the pilot and the termination decision has resulted in troubling the airlines. NAC has recently hired a foreign pilot by paying eighteen lakhs per month.

NAC’s domestic flight operation seems entangled due the lack of sufficient pilots in command. So, salary hike is the must for the corporation to hold the pilots and enhance the domestic flight operation.


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