Sanphebagar Airport inoperative due to lack of concern from authorities

Although couple of months have passed since test flight at Sanphebagar airport was conducted but regular flights have not been able to be initiated yet. Summit air had conducted test flight at the airport at end of May this year.

Municipality officials stated negligence of central government as main problem for not being able to operate regularly and also stated that repeated discussion with central government is going on for bringing airport for regular operation.

Regular flight can be conducted after normal repair of terminal tower which was destroyed by Maoist attack some 17 years ago. Equipment and technicians have to be sent by ministry (MoCTCA) and final decision of ministry on how the flights should be conducted will decide operation of flights, as per the official.

Around 100 million rupees has been allocated by municipality for tourism promotion and discussion with all stakeholders to spend the budget for operating flight but negligence from ministry has delayed the process.

Private companies have been receiving information from the central government and are preparing to run the flights regularly but central government have not shown any interest in operating the flights any time soon.

The airport is deemed to be the airport for easy landing in province 7 after Geta airport of Dhangadhi and closure of the airport has been problematic for people of Achham, Bajura and Doti area.

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