Sanphebagar airport to operate soon as blacktopping project initiates

Government has passed budget of Rs. 120 million to initiate blacktopping of Sanphebagar airport in Achham District. The project is due to finish within 18 months.

Both airport of Achham district in Sanphebagar and Kamal Bazar is out of operation. Demolition of Airport tower in Maoist attack in 2058 BS was the main reason behind the closure though the airport was in operation till 2062 BS.

The construction project is given to Amar Construction to complete the project within 18 months. According to Bhadra Bahadur Sahi, the blacktopping will be done after the work of cutting and filing is completed. Earlier, the work was delayed due to monsoon reason and festive season. Vice-chairman of the Mellekh village Metropolitan, Dhan Bahadur Shah said that it would be a lot of assistance to bring tourists to the tourism destination in Ramarshan, Vaidyanath, Bunigadi and Badimalika of Panchdeval Bajura and Khaptad area after the construction of the airport.

One of easiest and safest airport in Far western region of Nepal after Geta airport in Dhangadi, Sanphebagar had been providing service for emergency purpose. But due to its stoppage people have been suffering various problems like many pregnant women and other patients have lost their lives due to lack of treatment at the time.

Kul Bahadur Kunwar, head of the Sanphebagar Municipality, said that the work is being carried out soon as the airport was taken as a spinal cord for tourism promotion. But in Kamal Bazar airport, the construction work had been carried out but due to lack of proper operation, the airport has been in chronic situation.

Besides, Government has also aimed to complete runway blacktopping project started in fiscal year 2073/74 of Doti, Lamidanda, Baitadi and Thamkharka airport to complete in fiscal year 2074/75.

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