Sarasota Airport : one of the fastest-growing airport

Sugary white beaches, pristine and authentic natural and cultural attractions, enviable recreation make Sarasota unique and idyllic. Traveling to Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport will land you right on Florida’s sparkling Gulf Coast Sarasota. Also known as SRQ, this airport is one of the fastest-growing airports in the United States of America that has been witnessing increased international air traffic and adding many tranquil destinations. As Sarasota is one of the best cities to live in the country for both retirees and families, the airport is the early favorite to land for people wandering to satisfy their pent-up desires to relax on the beach with a dash of elegance and have a slew of recreational opportunities for a getaway from everyday life. Sarasota Airport is a calm and uncongested airport located 3 miles north of downtown Sarasota serving Sarasota and her Islands resort areas, elevated 30 meters above sea level.

Sarasota Airport
Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ)

Florida’s Gulf Coast is an expansive piece of natural Florida that is renowned for perfect sunshine and surfing with miles of stunning, fine white sands. SRQ Airport is the world-class aviation gateway to the region, encompassing a lively arts scene, gorgeous beaches, and burgeoning business centers. Florida Gulf Coast city holidays are complete and beautiful with SQR Airport. If you plan to visit Sarasota County, then your journey to this fabulous destination will be a lot easier with the flights offered by Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.

Aviation gateway to Sarasota

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport is a symbolic and aviation gateway to the leisure and business passengers, designed to create tourist attractions in its own right and execute enhanced passenger services at every step of passenger experience at SRQ, to provide world-class customer service.

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SRQ Airport is a full-service international airport opened in 1942 AD and is operated by Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority. Covering a total land area of 1102 acres, it is a medium-sized facility concentrating primarily on general aviation, airline operations, and business activities. Although the airport is not a big hub for airlines, it has a modest air taxi/ air carrier operation. It is a great starting point to commence general aviation and international business flights.

The passengers to SRQ Airport can take off and land for their holidays and vacation travel to the city of Sarasota, perched along the Gulf of Mexico, a sensational place with its own distinctive vibe.

Non-stop destinations served by Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.

With the non-stop flight services to over 48 U.S destinations; a new array of non-stop destinations, including daily, seasonal, and year-round services, planning a trip to Sarasota has been simple to enjoy Sarasota’s 35-mile stretch of sand and surf.

SRQ airport.
  • All-year-round destinations

Asheville, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Cedar Rapids, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Grand Rapids, Knoxville, Nashville, New York, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Syracuse, Tulsa, Washington DC, White Plains

  • Seasonal flight destinations

Allentown, Boston, Concord, Denver, Des Moines, Flint, Fort Wayne, Louisville, Minneapolis, Newark, Peoria, Philadelphia, Rockford, Toronto, etc.

Is your hometown on the list of flights offered by airlines at SRQ airport?

Airlines serving Sarasota Airport

SRQ airport.

The airlines that are operating at SRQ airport are:

  • Allegiant flight with ultra-low-cost options flying to 27 destinations by the end of the calendar year
  • Frontier Airlines (total of four non-stop destinations at SRQ)
  • Southwest Airlines (joined on February 2019, serves 19 destinations)
  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • American Eagle
  • Elite Airways
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Sun County Airlines: If you are a Minnesota resident, be ready to be spoiled with low fares on non-stop seasonal services from Minneapolis-St. Paul to SRQ.

Facilities at Sarasota Airport

Located some miles south of larger Tampa International Airport, Sarasota Airport has two asphalt runways that intersect. SRQ Airport has a modern, clean, and pretty terminal with a huge saltwater tank. What a pleasure to travel to the airport that has state-of-art terminals (terminal B and D) consisting of a total of 17 gates. There are enough food venues that can savor delectable gourmet courses full of flavors. Even no shuttle is required to travel from one gate to the other.

  • Shopping at SRQ Airport

Shop around the beautifully laid-out precinct to step up your style in a relaxed environment. Gulf Coast TravelMart, located pre-security area of the airport, has set off a fresh mix of Florida-themed apparel and gifts and new business accessories, sundries, etc.

Craving for coffee? Dunkin’ Donuts will serve you one of the best coffees you’ll ever taste.

 Dunkin' Donuts. Photo from SRQ airport.
Dunkin’ Donuts. Photo from SRQ airport.

PGA Tour Shop at SRQ offers an attractive assortment of accessories to customers with casual and leisurely lifestyles.

Indulge your palate and tantalize your tastebuds with the several breakfast, lunch, and dinner items delivered by Dewar’s Clubhouse. America’s most recognizable coffee brand, Starbucks, is also ready to serve richly brewed coffee in a casual safe setting located post-security area.

  • Pet areas

Fond of pets? SRQ Airport has a new amenity that serves the passengers traveling with their pets and service animals. The animal relief areas are outfitted with a fire hydrant, waste disposal bags, and clean-up supplies.

  • Parking and Ground Transportation

Not only is SRQ loved for easy passenger processing in check-in and security areas, but it also has an easy parking service with the availability of both short-term and long-term parking and also free parking to ease pick-up of arriving passengers for the first 30 minutes.

Just outside the baggage claim area, SRQ’s select on-demand eco-friendly Sedans, Luxury Sedans, and SUVs are waiting to get you to your destination locations at a fixed rate.

Different hotels are located near the airport to provide an exceptional stay and complete freedom to the tourists to explore the beautiful city of Sarasota. Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport has played a crucial role in the tourism development of Sarasota.

Skyrocketing operations at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

This airport’s unprecedented air passenger increment has set off a scramble to add new airport facilities to cater to the revenue-driving airlines. Isn’t it surprising that this small yet convenient airport is going through a massive growth on time no one could ever imagine? The airport is rebounding a lot faster out of this horrific pandemic, booming with passengers. Even before the pandemic, the airport was seeing a substantial air demand as the Sarasota area grew, and many passengers were even eager to fly through this airport by paying higher fares.

Some of the infrastructure improvements brought includes:

  • Expansion of its long-term parking lot
  • Addition of a fifth security checkpoint lane
  • Addition of 2 new 100,000-gallon jet fuel tanks
  • Screen checkpoint expansion

Further expansion projects to cater to the substantial passenger growth in the airport include:

  • Addition of a sixth security checkpoint lane
  • New ground transportation area to handle pick-up and drop-offs
  • Addition of ground-level terminal with five gates
  • New in-line baggage handling system
  • Additional concessionaires such as new restaurants, gift shops
  • Improvement of the concession area
  • The pavement of the overflow parking lot

It seems like the airport has never been affected by the devastating pandemic. The airport has been breaking its own passenger records as the numbers and services keep growing. Now you have more options to land at SRQ to discover the very best of Sarasota or get to someplace else from SRQ.

Florida’s reputation for its soft ocean breeze, sense-awakening resources, and open-for-business, tourist-friendly state, along with administration of expansive COVID vaccines to protect the population in the country from COVID-19, have sparked passenger traffic growth to the area this summer. Only in the month of May, the passenger traffic was 79% higher with a total of 288,551 compared to the pre-COVID level of 161 435 in May 2019.

Further improvement plans are underway in SRQ airport to equip advanced technological checkpoints that reflect its throughput capabilities. The elevation of airport operations and the airport’s acknowledgment of its approaches have continued upward trend in airlines’ addition.

Boom to the local economy; what about the challenges?

Located right on the Sarasota-Manatee county line, the airport has helped stabilize the local economy, but with the increased air traffic comes challenges.

The heavy traffic at alternative airports has made Sarasota-Bradenton the best choice for people as it has a smoother checking in with security and stuff, putting Suncoast on the map. Still, a lot has to be done to maintain the passenger service level. The expansion of the terminal is expected to create disruption and inconvenience at times over the next few years. As SRQ airport has the reputation of providing a convenient and easygoing passenger experience, the tremendous growth will challenge the airport officials to maintain such a reputation, required feverish work to be well-poised for the challenges.

Up to this point, the unprecedented growth has been handled pretty well, causing minimal impacts to the passengers given the airport had been underserved at certain times with empty gates and ticket counter space. Patience is the only option for residents and users to solve the significant challenges that impact the delivery of air services to travelers.

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport Safety Updates

As protective measures against the transmission of the coronavirus pandemic, the following safety updates are made:

  • Wearing a mask at all times
  • Three non-contact thermal temperature screening kiosks
  • Following CDC guidelines to disinfect and  sanitize all traveler touchpoints
  • Plexiglas shield and social distancing markers
  • High-grade air filters to enhance safety on both airport and aircraft

The flood of newcomers is driving up revenue and expansion projects at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport. Visit and witness the gleaming-white, sugar-soft, glorious sunsets and bustling area of pavilion shaded picnic tables and cafes in Sarasota, Florida, by landing at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport-boutique airport that’s growing and making improvements every single day.  

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