Saudi Arabia to lift the suspension of international flights

Saudi Arabia had declared that its restriction of international flights from Tuesday would be partially lifted to authorize “exceptional groups” of people and residents to travel, published on Sunday. Under such an exception, under exceptional cases, a small number of citizens would be permitted to travel. The official ministry also said removing trade sanctions will indeed come into effect starting Tuesday from 6 am.

The national, the Country’s home minister even said that the restriction against international travel attributable to Corona would be lifted entirely by January of next year.

In March, Saudi Arabia banned all international flights to stop the Coronavirus from spreading.

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People authorized to fly from Tuesday cover military and government officials, ambassadors and relatives, employees in regional and foreign bodies, many others outside of the kingdom with permanent employment, and entrepreneurs.

Patients who require care overseas are permitted to fly, especially for cancer treatment or organ transplantation. Individuals in emergency needs, graduates on grants or academic internship programs, and athletic teams are also eligible.



Photo Rohan: Saudi arabian cargo boeing 747 at kathmandu

Residents of the GCC and non-Saudi citizens with citizenship or visitors’ permits would be approved to visit the Country unless they could demonstrate evidence proving they constitute negative of Covid-19.

The traveling restriction was one of the strict steps throughout the kingdom to curtail Coronavirus transmission, involving 24-hour curfews in many other towns. The kingdom even abolished pilgrimages to Ramadan but this year permitted a small number of people and foreigners to undertake the Hajj. The officials have said the policy would be taken independently from the recent removal of trade sanctions to maintain Umrah’s continuance steadily.

In Saudi Arabia, 93 percent of the nation’s contaminated population has improved as of Sunday.

As per reports released from the Ministry of Health, out from 325,651 sick people throughout Saudi Arabia, 32,870 were recovered.

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