Saudi to hand over the Management of Twenty-Seven Airports


Saudi to hand over the Management of Twenty-Seven Airports

February 7, 2017

Tamish Giri- Riyadh

Private companies will take on the management responsibilities of 27 airports of Saudi Arabia including King Abdul Aajid International Airport from the mid of 2018. As per the Saudi journalist, the Saudi government is handing the management according to its plan to make the airport an independent department from the government.

Civil Aviation Authorities of the Muslim states plans to attract international investment by privatizing the airports. Chairman of CAA also believes that the international investors are interested in investing in Saudi.  The government has already handed its sixteen departments to private companies under its “Economy Vision-2030” policy.

Besides the government of Saudi has also planned to hand over its hundred forty-seven departments and eighty-five national projects to private companies.

This decision of privatizing government departments and national projects under “Economy Vision-2030” has been analyzed to be a wise step for Saudi’s economy as it is expected that 2030 will be the end of oil era for the Muslim State as all of its oil mines will run out of crude oil

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