Saurya airline to fly for mountains by this week

Saurya Airlines who has already established its name in the domestic aviation industry of Nepal by successfully operating commercial operation with CRJ-200 jet aircraft has declared to commence mountain flights by coming 2-3 days duration.

A CRJ-200 aircraft will take off for mountains by coming three days’ time, reported Mrs. Rozina Nepal, Corporate Officer at Saurya Airlines.

Saurya has completed all the legal procedure to onboard passengers for the mountain flight. We have already started pre-booking tickets for the mountain flights and now the flight will be determined accordingly to the sales of the ticket, Nepal added.

Mrs. Rozina also reported that individuals interested to explore mountains through CRJ aircraft can book their ticket from airlines sales counter throughout the country including its travel agencies”.

A CRJ-200 aircraft will take off twice from TIA for mountain sightseeing flight for Saurya. Each take for mountains will cost Rs.10, 850 per passenger.

Saurya Airlines after the commencement of the mountain flight with the CRJ aircraft will be the solo airlines to operate mountain flight with a jet aircraft in Nepal.

Yearly maximum numbers of foreign and domestic passengers fly for mountain sightseeing flights in Nepal to witness the beauty of the Himalayas from the aircraft. This makes a good source of income generation for the private airlines of the country.

At present Simrik, Buddha, Tara, and Yeti are conducting mountain flights on a regular basis.

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