Saurya Airlines CRJ200 encounters birdstrike after takeoff from TIA; grounded at Biratnagar Airport

Saurya Airlines CRJ-200 ‘9N-AME’ has been grounded after encountering birdstrike incident today morning at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). The aircraft encountered birdstrike after takeoff from TIA but the damage was only noticed after landing at Biratnagar Airport.

As per the information from airport officials and airline, one engine of the jet aircraft has received damage in its two blades.

Officials of the airline company stated that the preliminary check is going on. “We have canceled all flights today concerning the safety and about resuming the operation it depends on the time taken for repair and maintenance of the damaged parts,” he added.

The aircraft will be back to operation soon after complete maintenance. Due to this incident, nearly 4 flights of Saurya Airlines have been disrupted today.

Saurya Airlines owns two CRJ200 aircraft but another aircraft ‘9N-ALE’ requires complete maintenance and only ‘9N-AME’ is conducting schedule flights at present. However, the airlines has planned to add three CRJ-700 aircraft.

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