Saurya Airlines’ flights inconsistent following management issues

Saurya Airlines, a private owned domestic carrier is currently having disruption in its scheduled flight. As per the official from the airline, the airlines board is currently changing the management committee due to which flights are being inconsistent.

The airline operates with 2 CRJ-200 series aircraft to Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Bhadrapur, Bhairahawa and Dhangadhi. After continuous contradiction in its flight, people traveling to and from these destinations with Saurya are facing difficulty.

As per the official, the management will be changed within a week and the airlines will resume smooth operation soon. The airlines had been suffering as one aircraft has been grounded for long time and other one facing various technical glitches during time of operation and now facing the disruptions due to management issues.

The airline was also planning to purchase additional CRJ-200 or CRJ-700 series but due to incurring problem, it has been delayed.

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