Saurya Airlines given 7 days ultimatum to clear all the pending dues of TIA

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has given a 7 days ultimatum to Saurya Airlines for clearing all the pending airport charges. The TIA Civil Aviation Office has warned the airlines to cut off its flight daily by 1.5 hours if it doesn’t pay the dues.

It has been reported that Saurya Airlines is left to pay a sum of Nrs 2 crore to the TIA. The carrier hesitated to clear the dues even the airport authority repeatedly informed. TIA chief said that Saurya Airlines is just focused on extending the deadline so, the airport authority has given a final 7 days ultimatum to clear dues.

The flights cut off rate will increase in accordance with the increase in payment delays and it may lead to the complete halt of the flights. As per the airport authority, Saurya had pending dues of almost 4 crore. It cleared 1.7 crore after frequent warnings but still 2 crore is left to be paid.

Saurya’s flight will be permitted to run smoothly if the company pays 20 to 25 lakhs within next week but if it hesitates or delays once again, we will execute even more action, TIA chief reported.

The charge to be cleared by Saurya includes landing and parking fee, air navigation service charge, security charge, airport service fee and so on.

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