Saurya Airlines grounded aircraft resumes its operation

Saurya Airlines grounded aircraft resumes its operation

Kathmandu – 09 October 2016

Saurya Airlines, the only airline to play with jet aircraft, Bombardier CRJ200 with 9N-ALE registration in domestic route had been grounded for four days continuously due to crack on right side window of its aircraft and now has resumed its operation from today.

On 6th October, Lima Echo was grounded by the technical team after they noted a crack on the right side window of their aircraft’s cockpit after first successful flight to Nepalgunj.

Saurya Airlines 9N-ALE at Nepal Airlines Hangar During Maintenance/ Photo Credit: Acharya Rajaram

The aircraft was under maintenance at Nepal Airlines Hangar, and the replacement of the entire right side window was carried out under the command of Er. B.N Jha with his technical personnels’, Mr. Sarim Sameer , Mr.Niraj Chaudhry and Mr. Prawej Akhtar. Further, the new spare of right side window was delivered from USA to replace the damaged one.

Technical team successfully accomplished their job yesterday at 10 PM in the night once they received new window around 5 PM in the evening and the aircraft is now back to normal operation to cope with the festival rush.

Saurya Airlines has always been entitled as a sophisticated airline since it’s the only airline that operates jet engine equipped aircraft CRJ200 among domestic airlines till the date and has been gaining maximum occupancy rate.

Being the solo airline to swoop jet aircraft on domestic route is a new beginning however sometime to maintain such sophisticated aircraft becomes the real challenge for the company.

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