Saurya Airlines working to acquire CRJ-700 jet aircraft

Saurya Airlines is planning to bring its first CRJ-700 aircraft to Nepal. The airlines after the successful arrival of the second Bombardier CRJ-200 jet aircraft are now working to land its first CRJ-700 series aircraft.

Earlier second CRJ-200 series aircraft for Saurya had arrived Kathmandu this year. The second CRJ-200 arrived in Kathmandu on March 12, 2017, and commenced the flight operations from 20 August.

 Saurya analyzing its fellow competitor’s entire addition introduction of new aircraft to their fleet have come up with the decision of acquiring CRJ-700 series aircraft. The airline is bringing the jet aircraft in joint co-operation of CRJ manufacturer. CRJ-700 will be bought from Europe, the airline official added.

Chairman of Saurya along with Managing Director and DGM are engaged in the procurement of CRJ-700 series jet.

Recently, Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, and Summit Air have landed additional ATR-72-500 and LET 410 UV aircraft in Kathmandu so far in 2017. Likewise, Shree Airlines initiated fixed wing air operation with two CRJ-200 and CRJ-700 aircraft.

A CRJ 700 aircraft will arrive Kathmandu by the end of November for Saurya, reported an airline official from Saurya Airlines.

However; 1-2 months delay in the arrival of CRJ-700 can occur, airlines at present is busy on the preparations of bringing its first CRJ-700” added the officer.

Saurya was established in 2014 and had started its operations from 17th of November, 2014 through a 50-seater Bombardier CRJ-200 to serve in the domestic routes to Dhangadi, Nepalgunj, Biratnagar and Bhadrapur becoming the second airline to commence domestic flight operation with jet aircraft.


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