Saurya airlines yet again under new management

Saurya Airlines has again been sold to new management after the airlines could not operate even after recently being sold to a group of Non-residential Nepali group. The company has been procured by an Indian company.

Indian Company Kuber Group purchased the company in full ownership with agreement with Nepali partners.
The airlines management was previously sold to Shyam Adhikari Group from Deepak Kumar Pokhrel however the new management didn’t had full ownership. Now the Indian company bought the airline with 100% ownership over the airline. The company bought the airlines at 630 million rupees.

Deepak Pokhrel stated that the airline and Kuber Group has signed agreement for taking over the company and now they are only left to receive the payment amount.

Previously, the airline could not operate due to various difficulties and technical flaws and later management committee of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) halted all flights of the airlines.

The airline was sold to new management after the company was unable to retrieve conversely the new management team also could not bring the airline into operation.

The airline was established some 4 years ago and had to sell the management in such short period of time after it has been going through tough times technically as well as financially luring them to sell the airline.

The airline was also in process to procure new aircraft before.

The airline had been operating 2 Bombardiar CRJ-200 series aircrafts to Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, Nepagunj, Bhadrapur and Dhangadi sector before being grounded. The airline had been operating with only 1 aircraft in its final days before being halting the flight as one of the aircraft was grounded for long time which also caused financial problem to airline.

The airline is the first to introduce Jet engine aircraft for domestic carrier with CRJ-200 series aircraft.

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