Scarce Of Expenditure Halts The Investigation Of Air Kasthamandap PAC750XL

Scarce Of Expenditure Halts The Investigation Of Air Kasthamandap PAC750XL

On Feb26, 2016, Air Kasthamandap PAC750XL aircraft with 9 passengers and 2 crew members onboard crash landed at Chilkhaya of Kalikot district of Nepal during the conduction of emergency landing on a farmer’s field near the top of a mountain. Tragically, two crew members Capt. Dinesh Neupane and F/O Santosh Rana perished away inspite of their bravery to save passengers.

An investigation committee formed after few days of crash, is still unable to probe the cause of crash. Despite the addition of 35 days additional time for the preparation of final report on PAC750XL crash, committee has still been unable to investigate. Therefore, committee has demanded for another 45 days of additional time.

For the investigation, engines of crashed PAC750 had been sent to Canada but two nepalese investigators have still been stuck in Nepal due to scarce of ticket expenditure. Their visas have already arrived but due to dilemma between Nepal government and Air Kasthamandap of holding the responsibility to bear the ticket expenditure and other investigation expenses have resulted in severe delay for investigation.

“Who is responsible to bear the investigation expenditures? “, still nation’s law is silent.
Officials of Air Kasthamandap pointed out that there’s wrong trend of bearing investigation expenses by the respective airlines in Nepal. Those expenses must be from the side of Nepal government. Otherwise, crash report might get affected due to involvement of related airlines. It’s like police requesting for money to thief inorder to investigate.

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