Scraped Jetstream-41 ‘9N-AIB’ of Yeti threatens flight safety at Gautam Buddha Airport

June 8, 2017-BHAIRAHAWA

Jetstream 41 with registration ‘9N-AIB’ belonging to Yeti Airlines met a runway excursion during the landing on September 24 last year at Gautam Buddha Airport. The aircraft was on a regularly scheduled flight to Bhairahawa with flight number NYT893 when the incident took place.

None were reported to be injured from the incident. Senior Captain D.B Shah and First Officer A.P Sherpa were the controllers of the cockpit which onboard Cabin Crew S. Rana along with 29 passengers. The incident encountered the runway excursion of the aircraft which foiled it to the grassy field only 200 meters away while landing.

The aircraft still remains foiled at the same situation on the grass field following the date of the incident. Almost a year passed by but the scraped aircraft is still unmoved from the incident site. Neither the Yeti Airlines nor Gautam Buddha Airport Authority and CAAN is aware of the danger, the unchanged aircraft can bring to both the aircraft and airport.


As been reported a spokesperson for Gautam Buddha Airport reported Aviation Nepal that the airport authority has repeatedly been requesting Yeti Airlines Authority to remove the scrapped aircraft but the airlines have not bothered yet to take the action marking the stupid excuses. Since the aircraft belongs to Yeti so it’s their responsibility to remove it but they yet don’t seem to be responsible enough to take any action, he added.

Various pilots from other domestic operators have been complaining the airport authority and Aviation Nepal to focus on the issue as they feel unsafe to land and depart an aircraft with the scrap just being 200 meters from the runway. Some of the pilots even noted us that they had even planned to change their duty destination feeling the insecurity caused by the scraped aircraft. It’s been almost a year Yeti seemed responsible for dismantling the valuable flight equipment but the remaining portion is yet unmoved.

At one hand the European Union has been continuously hitting country’s aviation with banned air connection blaming the flight safety and in the other, domestic operators and Aviation Authority has been neglecting the safety adding the ice to the cake.

The country recently was mourned with two tragic and catastrophic air crash and the aviation operator is yet not aware of the further consequences. Yeti Airlines only seems busy in collecting profits neglecting its responsibility of passenger’s safety. The airport authority and CAAN in the other hand should have been focused to penalize Yeti for its carelessness. But none of the action has been executed, yet CAAN is busy blaming human factors to be the reason behind major crashes at the country.

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