Sea plane crashes into river, left two dead

Photo: sea plane crash at Perth, Australia

Sea plane crashes into river, left two dead

January 27, 2017- Perth

Two people were dead in an accident of fixed wing aircraft, believed to be a sea plane which crash landed into Perth’s Swan River when thousands of people congregated for the fireworks display on the occasion of city’s annual Australia Day.

The aircraft which was a stunt plane stalled and nose-dived into the river and broke up after the impact with the river.

The misfortune was arrested on video and displayed on social media, along with hundreds of comments.

The airplane appeared to be banking and then it seemed like it was turning too sharply and fell into the water.

Ships hurried to the debris nearby Heirisson Island in a frantic effort to save survivors but it was to no advantage.

WA Police interim commissioner Stephen Brown told news-persons it was blessed the plane didn’t smash other people.

‘For details yet unidentified, it’s came in the waterway, gratefully without hurting anyone else on the ground or any other persons who are here at the occurrence,’ he said.

A beholder told ‘His wings were aiming to the sky and to the water and we supposed ‘this is not good’ then we saw it break into two fragments.’


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