Second ATR 72-212A for Yeti to arrive by September 15

Yeti Airlines, who successfully brought its first ATR 72-212A series aircraft in Nepal on 22 July 2017 is currently working in the process to double the number of ATR 72 aircraft. The airline authority is currently busy on the preparation of bringing its second ATR 72-212A aircraft.

According to Bhim Raj Rai, Spokesperson and Ground Handling Manager of Yeti Airlines, he stated that the airlines are likely to land its second ATR 72-212A aircraft by 15 September coming Friday.

Yeti had earlier landed its first ATR 72-212A aircraft on 22 July this year and had completed its proving flight on 16 August. The airlines commenced the flight operation with the aircraft from 18th August with the inauguration flight to Bhairahawa. Similarly, the commercial flight was started from 19 August connecting capital with Bhairahawa airway to Lumbini.

Yeti has decided to connect the trunk route airport with Kathmandu by operating the ATR 72-212A aircraft adding more comfort to its passengers.

The tremendous increase in the number of passengers in domestic air market last year has encouraged Yeti to add ATR 72-500 to its fleet reported Mr. Rai. He also added that the entire aviation industry is currently adopting advanced aircraft for domestic operation in Nepal so; Yeti too had to take a step towards advancement to satisfy the passengers with comfort and compete to lead the domestic aviation market of Nepal.

The second ATR 72 aircraft about to be acquired by is 10 years in age and has been being bought from Nordic Aviation Capital situated in Denmark.

The aircraft will be delivered from Singapore based station of Nordic Aviation.

At present Yeti has only introduced ATR 72 aircraft to Bharatpur and Biratnagar air route but will add up Bhairahawa and Nepalgunj in its regular flight route after the arrival of second ATR 72-500 aircraft stated Mr. Rai.

After Necon and Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines has now become the third ATR aircraft operator in Nepal. Yeti Airlines established in 1998 is among-st the leading pioneer of domestic aviation operator in Nepal. The airline currently owns seven Jetstream 41s and an ATR 72-212A aircraft serving 10 major destinations of Nepal.


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