Security breach at San Jose International Airport: Police arrests a man

San Jose Police have arrested a 22-year-old man, who claimed to have swallowed explosives, slipped through the gate and drove into a secure area at Mineta San Jose International Airport. A despondent man identified by police as Alex Portillo entered the south side of the airport on Sunday, breaching the security while claiming to possess explosive devices with him.

The suspect, a resident of Brentwood, was taken into custody quickly after San Jose Police and Patrol Officers responded to the security breach. No explosives have been found or located, as stated by the suspect.

What actually happened?

According to the San Jose Police Department release, the suspect allegedly followed an airport employee past a sterile area in the airport in a vehicle at about 7:30. As soon as a security breach was reported in the sterile area, the officers surrounded his car and stopped him from driving any further. Though the suspect went through the gates, the vehicle driven by him didn’t make it to the runway. He barricaded himself inside without agreeing to come out, but finally, he emerged out of the car while allegedly claiming to have an explosive inside his body as well as his car. None of his claims about the explosives prove to be true.

The man appeared to have ingested a large quantity of unknown medication and was suffering a mental health issue, police stated on social media. He was hospitalized to receive services. Once he gets discharged from the local hospital, he’ll face several charges against him on suspicion of trespassing onto airport assets and delaying the officers.

Officers didn’t reveal information on how the suspect entered the secure area or where he was detained. The incident delayed the flight operations for a while. Still, it was quickly resumed to normal after police took the suspect to custody after a brief standoff, and his claim about having explosives was unfounded.

Airports are sensitive areas that require serious attention when entering or exiting the sterile areas. No property damage has been reported in the airport. However, the inbound flights had to divert to a runway farther from the happenings, and all flights traveling out of San Jose were delayed for 45 minutes due to security threats imposed.

Recently, on August 2021, a Milpitas high school teacher was taken into custody at Mineta San Jose Airport for trying to board the aircraft with carrying weapons of math instructions like a ruler, compass, etc.

More about Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC Airport)

One of the fastest-growing airports in America, Mineta San Jose, always has much stuff going on a daily basis which we are frequently unaware of. To begin with the pandemic period, San Jose International Airport had organized ‘Holding the Moment’ art exhibit partnering with the City of San Jose Public Art Program where 16 artworks reflecting the global crises and current challenging times were displayed for four weeks in Terminal B Arrival Halls, each month that started from November 1 through May 31, 2021. It’s interesting how talented artists express themselves through these unprecedented times.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, 21 individuals who worked 40 hours a week in airport operations got aviation-related certificates in various fields such as safety management systems, security, and operations.

In 2019, the airport won an award for Digital Advertising and Honorable Mention for Print Communications held by Airports Council International-North America.

Also known as Silicon Valley airport, San Jose is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley and is home to more than 1 million residents. The airport’s namesake is an honor to former US Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta. It is the second-busiest airport in San Francisco Bay Area, transporting more than 12 million travelers every year. Over the past five years, the airport has experienced skyrocketing passenger operations with a 60% growth in passenger movement.

In 2010, SJC airport completed a US 1.3 billion modernization project with state-of-art terminals A and B transitioning to give passengers a relaxing and welcoming travel experience.

Combination of Tech and Art in SJC airport

Tech innovations such as TSA Pre-Check, Clear, Power Suites, Mobile Passport Control app, and kiosks for Automated Passport Control, and Global Entry, Customer service robots combined with the public art installations including Hands and Space Observer, have elicited awe for all who travel through Mineta San Jose International Airport. An award-winning lounge-The Club offers an oasis of peace and tranquility with an array of complimentary food and drinks for travelers.

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