Security Terminal under construction behind Fire Fighting Facility (TIA)

 Security Terminal
Photo: Security Terminal Under Construction near EOD holding gate at TIA

Security Terminal under construction behind Fire Fighting Facility (TIA)

April 7, 2017 Kathmandu

The faint security system at TIA’s EOD holding gate i.e. Buddha Hangar-Khahare corridor has been developing a huge security issue however; the TIA’s management is undergoing construction of a security terminal behind the Fire Fighting Facility to address the weak security system at the gate.

The EOD holding gate has been known for neglecting proper scanning of the vehicles and also the weak checking practices at the entry point. The maximum vehicles are known to enter the airport through the gate without proper permission and systematic checks.

To strengthen the security, TIA’s management is introducing a security terminal near the gate. The terminal will operate proper security screening systems such as X-Ray scans to allow authorized access only. According to the TIA’s spokesperson Prem Nath Thakur, the construction will be completed by next three months and the terminal will come into operation right after the installation of all required security check equipment.

The introduction of the security terminal is expected to enhance the security systems at TIA. Moreover, it will eradicate the loose security practices and increase the safety level of the Airport province. This approach also indicates the proper development and renovation of the country’s only international airport.


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