Senior Captain, ‘Capt. Vijay Lama’ of Nepal Airlines suspended; also terminated from Spokesperson duty

S. Sierra, Kathmandu

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has temporarily suspended the flying license and grounded Senior Captain Vijay Lama of Nepal Airlines stating the fact that Capt. Lama’s gesture towards the authority was not acceptable while he spoke to social media regarding the stoppage of Nepal Airlines flight to Dubai on Chaitra 19. Capt. Lama had recently taken over position of spokesperson in the airlines.

Likewise, Nepal Airlines had revoked the spokesperson duty of Capt. Lama from today referencing to the letter of CAAN and illustrating that a working pilot on a extra duty could be stressful and question to the safe operation of aircraft.

The ‘Flight Safety Department” had asked for an explanation letter from Capt. Lama after his 55 minutes interview regarding the case was aired in media and televisions. The explanation was claimed within 7 days and now the authority has grounded him stating that his explanation letter is not satisfactorily illustrating all the facts and intensions.

The CAAN had challenged to revoke the ‘Flight Crew’ (Pilot) license of Capt. Lama if he still failed to present the satisfactory explanation to the authority as it is the sole authority to issue and regulate the crew license in Nepal. Also his gesture showed a major safety issue in flying safety as he expressed his exhausted and stressed feelings during the interview. In a response to which, Capt. Lama had forwarded a letter of explanation to the authority which the authority found not satisfactory.

It is indeed a matter of despair that one of the senior crew members from Nepal Airlines is facing this charge and adding more to the contradictory position of Nepal Airlines right now. This strict action from CAAN had really raised head to many individuals and many queries. But it seems that CAAN’s concern towards the safety and analysis of risk factors is appreciable, according to an official of the Airlines.

A proper explanation to the interview exposure of Capt. Lama however can conceal the case. So it has been supposed that Capt. Lama is expected to forward a letter of Apology and intensions to flight safety division of CAAN and resolve the issue as soon as possible.




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