Separate helicopter terminal to be built at TIA

In order to organize helicopter flights inside Kathmandu, a separate helicopter terminal will be built at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

Raj Kumar Chhteri, General Manager of TIA stated that separate terminal is necessary to strengthen air security and make airport management stronger. He said that a plan has already been initiated for constructing separate terminal for helicopter companies at TIA within two years.

Currently, there are two terminal buildings at TIA, one domestic terminal and another international terminal. Helicopter passenger enter TIA from domestic terminal and the respective helicopter’s vehicle take passengers to the parking area.

At present, helicopter parking is set at in front of hangar of Buddha Air.

Airport management has been planning to construct new helicopter parking in the spot where US-Bangla crashed last year. Then the helicopter passengers will have separate gate to enter TIA.

According to GM Chhetri, the new terminal will be constructed at the same place where parking area will be constructed. After the completion of construction, the helicopter passenger will use the new gate at Pepsicola then the main gate of TIA.

The helicopter has no role in air traffic congestion at TIA. However, many helicopters in the ground causes risks of accidents.

Currently, 10 helicopter companies are serving Nepal. These companies have 33 helicopters of different capacities.

Air Dynasty owns 5, Shree Airlines owns 7, Simrik Air owns 4, Prabhu helicopter owns 5, Summit helicopter owns 3, Altitude Air owns 1 whereas Heli Everest, Manang Air, Mountain helicopters and Kailash helicopters own 2 helicopters. All these helicopters are of 4-6 seats capacity.

Despite of the increase in competition of aviation sector, the order of adding new company has not stopped. Those companies which have been operating since many years are making their own strategy to compete in the market.

New three helicopter companies has begun to set up the process for operations after receiving permission from the authority.

Annapurna Helicopter, Mustang helicopter and RS helicopter have received License from Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

RS helicopter and Annapurna helicopter companies have received permission from the ministry to operate flights from AS350 Écureuil helicopter. Similarly, Mustang helicopter received permission to bring two Écureuil helicopters and two Robinson helicopters.

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