Shree Airlines conducts Sling operation of Manang Air Helicopter


Manang Air’s AS350 B3e ‘9N-AMV’ Helicopter has been successfully airlifted to Simikot Airport this morning after one month of tail rotor strike accident at Hilsa, Humla.

Owing to the fact that the operation can only be implemented by a Nepalese helicopter capable of flying to higher altitude, Shree Airlines deployed its Russian manufactured ‘9N-AHT’ MI17 helicopter on an immediate basis on a special request of the airlines, Shree airlines official quoted.

The Airline sling operation will be accomplished when the Helicopter reaches Nepalgunj Airport for the maintenance. The airlines did the job after getting necessary permissions to carry out the sling mission from CAA Nepal with the authorized crew members.

The AS350B3e (H125) ‘9N-AMV’ Helicopter belonging to Manang Air landed Hilsa on 14th August at 3:15 pm local time with 5 Indian nationals and one Nepali on board. All the passengers disembarked safely from the helicopter except Mr. Meheta who walked towards the tail rotor despite the warnings from the security personnel and airline staffs and got struck by the rotor resulting in instant death.

The H125 (AS-350B3e) is driven by a Turbomeca Arriel 2D turboshaft engine and is well known for its capacity to fly at the high altitude about (23,000 feet AMSL) all over the world. The Helicopter has also proved its capability in Nepal especially in mountain regions. It has the capacity of 6 seaters excluding pilot and performs flawlessly in Aerial Sightseeing, Mountain Flights, Rescue Evacuation, Corporate Charter, Sling Operations, High altitude operations and other special adventure missions. It is a member of Airbus’ Ecureuil family, which has accumulated more than 30 million flight hours worldwide.

Nepal indeed needs abundant helicopter companies as being one of the most geographical handicapped and on addition, poor road transport facilities that impose people to airlift even their daily supplies to make hand to mouth. It’s so traumatizing if you walk through the dark side where individual surrender his/her life just because one cannot afford to charter helicopter during medical emergencies. The growing helicopter companies also bring a positive hope to impose decrement in the prevalent high chartered fare so that the needy people can afford it.

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