Shree Airlines CRJ-700 gets green to fetch Medical Cargo flight to Singapore


A leading private carrier of Nepal, Shree Airlines is preparing for its second international flight to Singapore after the corona outbreak and country’s lockdown for fetching medical kits required in the country for Corona Virus prevention. The carrier will be flying its CRJ-700 series aircraft for the mission and it will be fetching only cargo from the country.

Anil Manandhar, Corporate Manager for the airline stated that the airline will fly its Bombardier CRJ-700 ‘9N-AMB’ aircraft to Singapore at 06:30 AM tomorrow flying empty. The aircraft will fly back to Kathmandu by tomorrow evening.

The carrier will fly its aircraft free for the Government as their corporate social responsibility. The medical kits are being supplied by a Non-Government Organization in Singapore. As the deal has been secured the carrier is in final preparations to conduct the flight. The carrier has completed the required process to seek permission to fly over India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand.

The company has also prepared a set of 5 Crew members includes Pilots, Flight Operation Officer and Engineer for the flight.



Earlier, a CRJ-700 aircraft of Shree Airlines flew to Sudan chartered by the Nepal Army to retrieve the human remains of an Army Officer appointed in United Nations Peace Keeping Mission at Sudan.

Because of the lockdown and regular flight schedules suspension, a very complex synchronization has to be made to conduct each flight and the flights must have a special reason to be conducted. This will be the second international flight on behalf of the carrier and both done during the lockdown of the entire nation and various parts of the world.

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