Shree Airlines’ CRJ200 and Yeti Airlines’ had a minor collision at Gautam Buddha Airport


A minor collision between Shree Airlines’ CRJ200 and Yeti Airlines’ Jetstream 41 occurred at Gautam Buddha Airport, Bhairahawa on Friday resulting damage on the wing tip of CRJ200.

According to the Officials from the Gautam Buddha Airport, the Bombardier CRJ200 ER ‘9N-AMA’ aircraft of Shree Airlines was scheduled from Tribhuvan Intl Airport to Gautam Buddha Airport under the command of Captain Roshan K.C. and First Officer Rakesh Kumar Gupta on Feburary 02, 2018 which collided with the another aircraft belonging to Yeti Airlines that was parked at the bay number 4.

The apron of the airport was fully occupied except parking bay number 5 and the incident resulted as the Yeti Airlines’ aircraft was boarding passengers at bay number 4 and the CRJ200 lining up for parking at bay number 5.

The aircraft Marsheller for Shree Airlines directed the aircraft to park facing its nose towards the west whereas the ATC and the pilot decided to park by facing its nose towards the East which was the main reason behind the incident. It ended with crack on the wingtip due to misunderstanding between the Marsheller and pilot hence, requiring the aircraft to ground at Bhairahawa Airport for essential maintenance procedures.

Station Manager for Yeti Airlines stated that the Jetstream JS41 ‘9N-AHU’ was boarding the passengers while the incident occurred. After the Incident, the Officials from Yeti inspected the aircraft and dispatched the aircraft back to Kathmandu from Bhairahawa.

Likewise, the Shree Airlines engineering teams were dispatched from Kathmandu next day after the incident for the inspection and replacement of its damaged part in the wing.

The incident has occurred at around 06:30 to 07:30 PM Local Time. On addition the airport ramp light at Bhairahawa is fickle in the airport for safe flight operation, stated source.


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