Shubham Aviation seeking approval of flight training school

A new company purports to be enthusiastic about establishing a flying school in Nepal. Shubham Aviation has applied to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation to operate a pilot training school in Nepal. The company had requested authorization with documentation, according to a Ministry source.

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Shubham Aviation is private company established in 10 February, 2021 at Kathmandu-04.

‘Shubham has requested permission.’ Everything, notably company paperwork, needs to be examined. Due to the lockdown, the process has stagnated, but we will begin researching it as soon as possible.

Shubham has applied for authorization to operate a smaller ‘Cessna series’ training aircraft; According to a Ministry source, a sufficient airport space could be made available . According to the source, Nepal’s least-used airport might be allocated for a flying school.

The source stated that Rajbiraj, Meghauli, Balewa, Tikapur, Mahendranagar, and other airports are currently considering operating flying schools. According to Source, the operator can manage the flying school land on their own.

In November, the Civil Aviation Authority concluded that Dang’s Tarigaun Airport was appropriate for operating a flying school.

On November 19 of last year, the CAAN appointed a study team under the direction of former director and aviation specialist Narayan Singh Dangol to perform a feasibility study for a flying school.

Shivani Air

Shivani Air, a pilot training company, was established in 2007. However, it did not proceed as anticipated.  Following three years of training, the company was closed down in 2010. Another company has approached the ministry for authorization to begin acting as a flying academy nearly 11 years later.

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Current Situation

The source said that the manpower used in the aviation sector could be produced within Nepal if the flying school operates in Nepal.  Traveling to other nations for pilot training currently costs more than Rs 10 million for each individual.

“By operating flight schools in Nepal, an environment has been created in which pilot training can be done.” At the same time, the outflow of Nepali currency would be controlled, and there would be opportunities to earn foreign cash too,’ the source added.

More than 262 Nepalese students have gone abroad for pilot training over the last three years. Every year, an average of 87 Nepali students go abroad for pilot studies. 

Nepalis go to the Philippines, South Africa, the United States, and other nations for pilot training.

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