Simikot airport closed due to frequent Downpour

Frequent rainfall of past couple of days has halted the operation of Simikot Airport. The continuous downpour started from Tuesday morning has led to closure of the airport.

Flight operators have ceased their flights due to poor weather condition leaving passengers in trouble.

The flight cancellation has troubled passengers mostly to ill patients who had to be referred for further check-up.

Due to the rain, the weather has dropped own and due to poor road condition by rain, there is less movement of people at the area.

People had been facing problem getting air tickets to travel to Humla due to irregular flights by the operators and closure of the airport has created more problems.

The district is the only district which is not connected by road network and lack of proper land transport facility has made airways as a primary means of transportation to locals and such problems have made it hard for air passengers.

The airport was frequently closed in winter season due to continuous snowfall making difficulty in the supply of daily consumer goods.

Various other airports namely Talcha airport of Mugu, Khalanga Airport are also in verge of coming back into operation after various levels people and officials have been working on to bring the airport back in operation.

Simikot Airport is located at an elevation of 9,751 ft (2,971 m) above mean sea level. The airport possess a Single asphalt runway of a length of 650 meters aligned to 010 degrees and 280 degrees.

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