Simikot Airport fire incurred a loss of Rs 1,065,000

The fire at the airport employees’ residence at Simkot Airport incurred a loss of Rs 1,065,000. After three hours, the fire which broke out on Thursday morning was brought under control.

At 7 a.m., the fire that began at 4 a.m. on Thursday was kept under control, said Sitaram Bista, the District Police Office spokesman.

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Simikot Airport back to operations after the closure of 2 days

Police spokesperson Bista said that after a long effort by the Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, Janpath Police, and residents, the flame was under control.
Thanks to the actions of everybody, the fire that began on Thursday morning was brought under control. Under the direction of Simkot Airport Fire Station Chief Shibaraj Dhital, a three-member inquiry committee has been established to figure out the specifics of how the fire broke out in the building and how much destruction was inflicted by the fire, said Airport Chief Bishnu Adhikari.

The airport building fire review committee found that a power failure triggered the fire to break out in the building. The fire demolished three rooms of the six-room buildings and damaged three rooms in portion, causing a loss of Rs 1,065,000, said Dhital, coordinator of the fire investigation committee for the airport building and head of the fire station.
Chief District Officer Chiranjivi Giri said that to monitor the flames, the Nepal Army, the Armed Police Force, the Janpath Police, and local people were deployed.

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