Simrik Air celebrates its 18th year of dedicated service today

Kathmandu (ANN)

Simrik Air, a leading Helicopter company of Nepal has completed 18 years of its dedicated operation today and has entered 19th year of its service with a theme of ‘Celebrating 18 Years of Teamwork, Commitment and Success’. 

While flying the commercial, rescue, high altitude, search snd sling operations, Simrik Air stands at the top of all the helicopter companies of Nepal. Simrik has been providing air service in Nepal for the last 18 years in fields of rescue, mountaineering, sight-seeing, medevac, pilgrimage, cargo and sling operations across Nepal to a wide array of costumers. Simrik Air has been able to be one of the foremost and responsible helicopter companies in Nepal to provide the best and secure service in all sectors.

It presently has 5 choppers in its fleet with the latest addition of brand new H125 in April this year. At its 18 years anniversary it has thanked its clients and associates through these years of success for support. 

Capt. Rameshwor Thapa sits as a Chairman for this company who is also the president of Helicopter Society of Nepal that was established after Helicopter company withdrew their membership from Airliners Association of Nepal (AAON) following fake rescue scams. 

Simrik’s dedication to safety and quality service has enabled it to continue being the most preferred helicopter company in Nepal. It has been providing outstanding service with a motive of ‘always standby at your service.’

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