Simrik Air leading rescue and relief activity at flood affected region

Simrik Air, domestic helicopter operator of Nepal has initiated rescues and relief supply activity at the Terai province affected by the excessive rainfall. The heli-operator so far has conducted two rescue operations one at Jaleswor, Mahotari and other at Karmaiya region of Rautahat which has been destructed by the rising water level.

Simirik Air’s Bell 407 GXP helicopter with registration 9N-ALT reached Jaleswor, Mahotari with Health Minister Giriraj Mani Pokhrel onboard to visit the flood affected site carrying needed relief supplies to facilitate and support the affected families.  Similarly, AS350 B3e helicopter with registration 9N-AJZ landed at Karmaiya region of Rautahat District for the rescue and relief supplies.

As been informed both the places have been obstructed with the level of increasing water caused by continuous rainfall since past Friday. Numbers of both human lives and animals have been swept away by the non-stopping rain. The rivers have been embarked with high water levels sweeping away everything coming under its barrier.

Majority of the Terai covering areas have been devastated by the floods. So far more than thirty individuals have died with the excessive water levels. Almost half of the country’s population has been traumatized by the calamity.

Simrik Air Helicopter with Pilot in command Capt. Ananda Thapa had moved further to a relief flight mission today to flood affected Rautahat District -Karuniya, Dehabi and Karkach Karmaiya to support the devastated families.

After two simultaneous rescue flights from Sauraha to Kathmandu this morning, our helicopters are now doing relief flights at flood affected Loharpatti, Singyahi, Ramgopalpur, Ekadarabela, Nainhi, Jaleshwor and Bardibas of Mahottari district with Pilot in command Capt. Siddartha J. Gurung, Simrik Air reported their official page.

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