Simrik Air: Part of Hollywood Movie : “Doctor Strange”

Simrik Air: Part of Hollywood Movie : ” Doctor Strange “

14 Apr 2016 – Diwas Pokhrel – Perhaps Hollywood Movies are the only one which has access all over the world, has influenced the people all around the globe and collects the greatest share of fan following from all over. And presently, it’s been a while; the Hollywood Movies are having their eyes on Nepal, which apparently gives the best opportunities for a small country like Nepal to be noticed all around the world through audio visual communications of the movie. The parts of Nepal filmed in movie can acknowledge a lot of audiences and viewers from all around about Nepal.

It has not been so long the movie Everest was filmed in Nepal that covered the story of Everest Base Camp and the story of Mountaineers of Mount Everest based on a true story. The whole cast of the movie flew into Nepal for the shooting and a lot of aspects of Nepal was featured in the movie. They also included a Nepali Pilot and Actor Vijay Lama in their movie to play the role of commander of the rescue team in the movie.

Simrik air Helicopter company for Doctor Strange movie

On October 2015, a team from Hollywood arrived Nepal on chartered flight of HiFly’s A340-300 for the shooting of upcoming Hollywood movie “Doctor Strange”. This movie is directed by Scott Derrickson and actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetal Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Michael Stuhlbarg and Mads Mikkelsen are playing lead roles for the movie. Some of the scenes from Nepal (Pashupatinath, Thamel, Newroad , Patan, Swyambunath, Hanuman Temple) are going to be portrayed on the movie.

A helicopter from Simrik Air AS350 B3e was used for filming the aerial scenes of the movie. A high-tech camera mounted on the B3e helicopter filmed the aerial scenes of different parts of Nepal. These scenes include the aerial scenes from Patan Durbar Square,Swayambhunath (Monkey temple) and others. It has been reported that IP/Senior Captain Siddhartha Jung Gurung was Pilot in Command from Simrik Air for all the filming process.

Camera Mount for DR strange movie

Photo: Simrik Air Technician working for  Camera Mounted on Helicopter

In contrary of the choice of Hollywood movie teams for the aerial shooting of movies, Simrik Air has always been forward and is mostly chosen for these purposes. Simrik Air had contributed during the shooting of movie Everest too. Similarly Simrik Air has been chosen for many other documentaries featuring Nepal and now for the shooting of “Doctor Strange” movie.

All the final shooting was carried out with the flight of Simrik Air and the movie is ready to go for final editing purpose. Meanwhile, trailer of the movie has just been released just yesterday. And now the movie is set to be released on Oct 20, 2016 in New Zealand, Oct 28 in U.K, Nov 4 in North America.

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