Simrik Air succeeds to locate the stranded Malaysian climber


S. Sierra, Kathmandu

Simrik Air helicopter has successfully located and rescued Dr. Chin Wui Kin whi was lost and stranded for few days from Mt. Annapurna area and has announced to save his life by airlifting him through long line rescue technique today to Mediciti Hospital Kathmandu for further treatment.

Simrik’s Bell helicopter having a call sign 9N-ALT with Pilot-in-command Capt. Siddartha J. Gurung was the first one to find the missing climber.

Followed by Pilot-in-command Capt. Bibek Khadka flying Airbus helicopter with a call sign 9N-AKD who conducted the long line evacuation of the climber from the highest point ever (6500 meters) creating a history in the Nepalese aviation, succeeding to become the very first pilot to be able to conduct such difficult mission efficiently.

13 long lines for a single mission from the highest point in a short time in itself is a risky task accomplished by Capt. Khadka and the team.

Also, kudos to the untiring effort of the Sherpas who risked their lives to bring down the Malaysian climber from Camp 4 to Camp 3 so that the helicopter could long line him.

Being the first one to be able to find the whereabouts of the climber and saving his life is one of the greatest achievements for the Simrik Air Team.

Simrik sends best wishes for the speery of Dr. Kin.

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