Simrik air’s Bell 407 reaches the east helipad TIA with PHOTO FEATURE

Simrik air’s Bell 407 reaches the east helipad TIA with PHOTO FEATURE

November 30, 2016- Kathmandu

The awaited Bell 407 belonging to Simrik Air with a call sign of 9N-ALT has landed on the east helipad of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). The Textron Company located in USA made Bell 407 GXP was brought from Singapore landed on TIA at 5:00pm a day before that will be operated by Capt. Siddhartha Jung Gurung, Capt. Christopher and Er. Prachanda Malla, who had been on the ferry flight from Singapore traveling through Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh and finally on the Kathmandu Airport.

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The aircraft is the new version Bell 407 GXP of the Bell Helicopter. The aircraft consists of fully integrated glass flight deck and Garmin G1000H which provides flight information and safety. The aircraft especially suits for luxury travel as it consists of bulbul windows which are quite comfortable for photography. The aircraft is also popular for speed, performance and reliability. So, it is estimated to be very useful for corporate uses, as an air ambulance and parapublic uses.
The aircraft consists four main rotor blades which has high performance along with 643 KW FADEC Rolls Royce 250-C47B/8 turbo engine.

The aircraft has club seating configuration which can adjust six passengers and a pilot and also can carry 1160 kilograms of cargo. It takes 483.8 liters of standard fuel had has a flight range of 624 kilometers with endurance of four hours and service ceiling of 18,940 feet.
Additionally, to promote the internal tourism, the airlines has stepped with its fleet of four helicopters which includes two AS350B3e, one AS350B2 and one Bell 407 GXP which will be stationed in Pokhara within one month.

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