Singapore Airlines and Scoot: Top Rating From Skytrax for Covid-19 Airlines Safety

Singapore Airlines(SIA) and Scoot, the two passenger carriers from the SIA group, have been awarded the 5-Star rating from Skytrax, the highest rating in Skytrax evaluation, for Covid-19 Airlines Safety.

Singapore and Scoot Airlines announced the news in a joint press conference on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. Scoot airlines is the first low-cost operator with the 5-Star rating from the London-based International Air Transport Rating Organization, Skytrax, which is certainly a remarkable feat.

During the airline safety audit, Skytrax had evaluated more than 190 safety and hygiene protocols at SIA and Scoot during the review. The audit included investigating the hygiene at the airport and onboard flights, implementing social distancing measures, use of face masks and sanitizers, and other hygiene improvement systems.

The inspection followed an overall comprehensive assessment of both airlines’ health and safety measures for both passengers and staff members across the entire journey. The 5-Star certification is based on the professional and scientific investigation of the airlines’ standards.

5-Star Safety Ratings, SIA’s Latest Accomplishment

The airlines, which initially started off as Malayan Airways on May 1, 1947, now Singapore Airlines is the flagship carrier of the Singapore Airlines Group. SIA has several full-service and low-cost carriers, including other aviation-related businesses spread across the globe. With the headquarters at Changi International Airport, the Singaporean Government’s investment arm, Temasek Holdings, holds the group’s majority shares up to 54.5%.

The SIA Group has carriers like Silk Air, Singapore Airlines Cargo, Singapore Airlines Cargo, Tiger Airways, Scoot, and Vistara under its wings. The group earning the 5-Star rating from Skytrax is its latest accomplishment, an industry-leading response on air travel to co-exist with the pandemic situation keeping the service active.

Both airlines from SIA group, Singapore and Scoot airlines, have implemented a wide range of measures to enhance passenger and staff members’ health and safety. Making sure that the highest level of care and safety measures are practiced during the entire journey without compromising on the client’s as well as staff’s health status. The carriers have also introduced innovative digital solutions to boost travelers’ comfortable and safe travel experience, nullifying the risk of Covid-19 transmission risk across the end-to-end journey and reducing friction for the customers.

100 Touchpoints Safety Measures

During the joint press conference, the Executive Vice President of the Singapore Commercial Airlines, Lee Lik Hsin, revealed that the airlines had been reinforcing the health and safety measures in more than 100 touchpoints along the entire journey after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Singapore Airlines will stick to the 5-Star rating safety and precaution measures to keep the customer and staff safe all the time. The airline has been recognized for its industry-leading products and award-winning customer service and is planning to embrace its brand promise and keep following the protocols in the pandemic world as the travel network is gradually rebuilding.

Similarly, the CEO of Scoot, Campbell Wilson, also added that the airlines is looking to build confidence among travelers with added assurance on hygiene measures side-to-side with value, comfort, convenience, and safety in the services. Since the earliest days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Scoot Airlines has enforced formidable health and safety measures with several effective cleaning and other procedures. The low-cost carrier even introduced new low or no-touch self-service options across different touchpoints to ensure utmost safe and clean premises from boarding space to the entire journey. That’s how Scoot Airlines became the first low-cost carrier to receive 5-Star ratings from Skytrax.

9V-SJB Singapore Airlines A350, Photo by Eurospot

All the aircraft of SIA and Scoot are equipped with HEPA filters; the cabin air is refreshed every 2-3 minutes throughout the flight, replacing the post-flight headset, headrest, pillow covers, including blanket and bedsheets. The airlines actively use electrostatic spraying machines to sanitize the cabins and various sections of the aircraft, including the lounge areas. All customers and staff are required to wear masks unless they are eating or drinking; the staff are also equipped with goggles or face shields and gloves when necessary. On top of that, all customers receive personal hygiene kits containing spare face masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant surface wipes while flying via any airline.

SIA offers customers a free-e-library via their personal equipment with access to more than 100 global publications and simplified meal service to reduce contact. Likely, the subsidiary of SIA, Scoot, also introduced an advanced inflight portal, ScootHub, in December 2020 to serve as a one-stop shop for all the customer’s needs in the flight.

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