Singapore Airlines: Both engines quits during mid-flight

Singapore Airlines: Both engines quits during mid-flight

Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-300, Singapore to Shanghai flight carrying 194 souls started suffering temporary power loss from its both engines when an aircraft encountered bad weathercruising at 39,000 ft.Both engine failure is a rare event but the pilots were trained to follow the check-list and proceed according to standard recovery methods to restart the engines.

In an attempt to recover the engines the pilot followed the standard recovery procedures to restart the engines. Trapped in such a storm for hours and then the power loss but the pilot was able to put one of the engine running in normal operation.

He was also able to put second engine online by following the same standard procedures and steady decent. The aircraftdescended 13,000 ft. before the crew were able to restart the engines.After landing the aircraft at Shanghai Airport, the engine were thoroughly checked and examined but no abnormalities were found.



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