Singapore Airlines repatriating Nepalese from Australia


A repatriation flight has been scheduled on July 14 for Nepalese those stranded in Australia. Travel agencies have been selected to contrive repatriation flights at affordable rates from Australia to Nepal through the attainment of the Embassy of Nepal and ​​Non-Resident Nepali Association Australia. The selected travel agency has claimed that USD 600 cheaper than the government-operated repatriation flight where the government declared a price of 1750 USD.

On July 14, flights are scheduled from three Australian cities, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to Singapore on a regular flight of Singapore Airlines and from there it is said that another chartered flight is organized to Nepal.

The flight is operated according to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Singapore Airlines perceiving the current COVID-19 outbreak. NRNA Australia has issued notice to those who wish to return to Nepal on July 14 to buy the tickets as possible.

As per the source another flight can be scheduled on July 21 observing the desideratum from Nepalese.

1,300 Nepalese had applied to the embassy to return to Nepal. Four hundred and fifty Nepalese have returned home via two flights earlier.

Final preparations are being made to get permission from the Government of Nepal for the flight which is scheduled on July 14.

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