Six firms submit application for Nijgadh Int’l Airport project

Six firms have given their applications to construct the proposed Nijgadh International Airport in Bara. Investment Board has informed that six applications have been presented at investment conference. The board gave presentation saying to construct Nijgadh International Airport in BOOT mode.

Detailed potential study has been already completed and the total cost of the construction project has been estimated to be $3.45 billion.

Maha Prasad Adhikari, Chief executive officer stated that though applications were submitted detail description were yet to be added and therefore the time duration of 1 month has been extended for submission of applications.

He also said that the construction of Nijgadh Airport will take a lot of discussion as it will take time to choose the construction company.

The airport will be developed in three phases. The project envisions building a modern airport in Nijgadh in Bara district, 175 km from Kathmandu in the southern plains.

In the first phase, two years will be spent for site clearance works, and then another five years will be spent on constructing the airport that will have 3,600-meter-long and 60-meter-width runway. According to the DFS of the Landmark Worldwide Company (LMW) of South Korea, after the first phase of the construction is complete, the airport will be able to handle 15 million passengers annually and accommodate the Airbus A380 super jumbo.

By the end of the third phase, the airport will have a parallel runway enabling it to handle 60 million passengers annually. If built, the Nijgadh International Airport will be an air hub joining 27 Asian cities and generate over 100,000 jobs, according to LMW report.

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