SkyWest Airlines CRJ-200 connects Dever and Sioux City

After SkyWest Airlines flight 5146 landed at Sioux Gateway Airport on Wednesday, the first direct flight would connect between Denver and Sioux City after six years. United Airlines is providing a single continuous service connecting Sioux City and Denver operated by SkyWest Airlines.

On the very first trip, thirty-six travelers from Denver landed. Around an hour later, Twenty-Six boarded Sioux City on a 50-passenger jet. American Airlines reported intentions to terminate all Sioux City flights earlier this year but bounced up in August and confirmed it would continue to operate routes to Chicago and Dallas.

Underneath the contract, from Sioux Gateway Airport, there will be one round-trip regular service to Denver. For people seeking to get over to Colorado, the direct flight is more than an advantage since it gives travelers a connection to the west for hundreds of several other connecting flights. United Airlines offers 460 regular flights to even more over 170 locations from Denver.

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