Solar Impulse Finishes Historic Flight Of 7200 KM To Hawaii

Solar Impulse Finishes Historic Flight Of 7200 KM To Hawaii

Solar Impulse, four engines aircraft powered by solar energy when the sun rays fall on its wings of solar panel, has completed its epic flight after landing at Kalaeloa Airport of Hawaii, USA at 15:55 GMT .

The aircraft has covered distance of 7200 km across the pacific from Japan. The pilot In Command was Andre Borschberg. Pilot Borschberg spent total time of 118 hrs in sky from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Hawaii, USA which is world record for manned solar-powered flight. The un-refueled journey across pacific is not easy as pilot Borschberg needed to fly solo. The highest time spent in the sky was 76 hrs by Steve Fossett in sine seater jet aircraft in 2006 but now the new record is of pilot Borschberg.


According to the swiss pilot Borschberg, the journey wasn’t tired for him as the support and encouragement of many people provided him lots of energy and motivation for the completion of journey. It has been reported that pilot Bertrand Piccard will be flying from Hawaii to Phoenix, Arizona which will take four days and nights. From phoenix, the aircraft will be flown to New York and finally it will land at Abudhabi, UAE crossing the Atlantic.

The motive of flight of Solar Impulse is to create awareness among the public regarding the green technology. Though, the Solar Impulse may not be part of future aviation but it will be example for the future aviation.

The aircraft is equipped with 17000 photo voltaic cells that can directly or by charging lithium ion battery propel the aircraft through air using powerful electrical engine. The journey began from Abudhabi, UAE to Hawaii, USA via Muscat (Oman), Ahemdabad (India), Vanarasi (India), Mandalay (Myanmar), Chongqing (China), Nanjing (China), Nayoga (Japan). It will end after landing at Abudhabi, UAE

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