Solar Impulse Si2 all set to resume its journey in Hawaii

Solar Impulse Si2 all set to resume its journey in Hawaii.

The historic journey set by the Solar Impulse team that had begun at last spring in Abu Dhabi, was paused in July – apparently discovering record breaking five day and night, restless flight across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Hawaii. Due to the five days constant flight, produced much stress on the airplane’s batteries i.e. Si2 and apparently the airplane had to ground in Hawaii.

Now to rejoin the continuation journey around the world, new set of batteries are installed, and Si2 has taken two test flights on the sky of Hawaii in April. This time team has developed new strategy putting various options for the next destination on the United States mainland, rather than plotting the fixed air route, which delayed last year’s journey due to the frequent bad weather.

Meanwhile, the most current test flight, under the monitor of Solar Impulse Mission Control Center, the Si2 climbed to 28,000 feet – its maximum threshold just to assure the new installation system for the batteries whether working in appropriate manner or not – to keep the batteries cool. The overall flight performance went really well and Solar Impulse co-founder and pilot Bertrand piccard is again scheduled to fly Si2 this week.

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