Solar Panel Chargers: Keeping Your Devices Powered On-the-Go on Flight

Charging gadgets and electronic equipment on the road used to be a real problem for users. Later, it was solved by creating portable chargers. However, these solutions also have their drawbacks. For example, they also need to be periodically charged. And what to do when there is no outlet nearby?

A way out of this situation can be a solar powered charger – a device that converts the energy of solar radiation into electricity. Using it, you can not worry about the distance from civilization and the need to find places to charge. It is these features that make the devices the best solution for travel and trips.

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What Are Solar Chargers?

It is worth starting with the fact that solar energy is the source that is growing at the fastest rates. According to EIA forecasts, 54% of new projects in the field of electricity production in 2023 will concern solar systems. This means that more and more companies understand the value of this energy sector and are trying to increase its productivity. Thanks to this, solar technologies are gradually penetrating into adjacent areas.

Portable solar systems are a direct confirmation of that. They are devices that work according to the principle of ordinary solar panels and provide power for various gadgets. At their core, photovoltaic elements are reduced several tens of times, which capture solar radiation and convert it into electricity. Devices cannot directly supply current to gadgets and electronic equipment, so their design involves the presence of a special battery.

It is intended for accumulation and preservation of generated electricity. Thanks to the battery, the user can connect the gadget at any time and get the required level of charge. Such benefits are available to everyone. Portable devices can be purchased at many hardware stores. In addition, they are offered by solar companies that are manufacturers of conventional systems for homes.

What Is the Principle of Operation of Solar Chargers?

To find out how portable solar panels work, it is enough to remember the principle of operation of traditional systems. The sun’s rays fall on the surface of the device and are absorbed by the cells of the main module. They cause the movement of electrons inside materials (in most cases it is silicon) and thus create an electric field. As a result, there is a voltage that is transferred to the battery.

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It is in this element that electricity is stored. To charge the gadget, the user will only need to connect it to the battery. It is better to describe the inverter separately. This is another detail of the solar charger that ensures its full operation. Its main function is the conversion of direct current into alternating current. In this way, the inverter makes the voltage suitable for further charging.

What Gadgets Can Be Connected to Solar Chargers?

Externally, portable solar batteries resemble ordinary power banks that charge from an outlet and accumulate energy. The difference between them is only in structure. Solar chargers work on the basis of photovoltaic cells. As for charging options, theoretically they are not limited. This means that the solar battery charger can be used for all gadgets:

  • Computers and laptops (they require devices with sufficiently high power)
  • Smartphones and mobile phones
  • Water heating equipment
  • Smart watches
  • Tablets
  • Fitness trackers

When considering portable solar panels at their maximum power level, they can be a source for charging van/vehicle batteries. However, it will take a long time (usually several days) to restore electricity. In addition, portable solar batteries are suitable for charging small gadgets. It can be a personal fan, a reading lamp, and a flashlight.

All this makes such devices an extremely profitable solution for all travel-related events. They will help you maintain the necessary charge and stay connected during trips, hikes, picnics, and small excursions. You only need to choose the best solar charger for your needs and enjoy the possibility of constant access to electricity.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Chargers?

The first and foremost advantage is the use of solar energy. Such devices use a renewable source of energy that is available every day. Thus, the environment is not harmed, and the user can receive uninterrupted power.

Thanks to this, any solar powered phone charger can be safely called an ecological source. However, these are not all the advantages of using portable technologies. Users can count on additional benefits, which are revealed in the following aspects:

Greenhouse gases are not emitted during the production of electricity  The devices use the sun’s clean energy and convert it into electricity without using elements that harm the environment.
Minimal maintenanceDesigns are developed in such a way that the user does not have to periodically intervene in the work. Periodic cleaning and adherence to operating instructions are required to maintain functionality.
The possibility of charging anywhereWith a solar phone charger, there is no need to look for places where there are sockets. The device works in any location in which there is sunlight.
Compact sizeChargers on solar batteries have different dimensions. However, all of them are small, so they will not take up much space in bags and backpacks.

Thanks to a number of features, portable solar panels can be a real find for those who like to live in remote areas for a while. They provide stable power supply for devices in mountains, forests, and other places far from cities.

What To Pay Attention to When Choosing Solar Chargers?

There is currently a large selection of models on the market. They differ in price, appearance, manufacturer, and other features. However, this information is not enough to choose the optimal solution. Experts recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

  • Size: This characteristic is related to the power level. The higher it is, the bigger the device.
  • Efficiency level: In this case, it is worth focusing on functional characteristics (capacity, voltage, etc.).
  • Number of connectors: If you have several gadgets, you should consider models with 2 or more connectors.

Not the last factor when choosing is the price of the device. Manufacturers offer budget portable solar panels and models from the middle and high price segments. This allows each buyer to choose the optimal solution.


Portable solar chargers are an effective solution for those who want to always stay connected and keep all their gadgets working even in remote areas. They fully satisfy these needs, and their use requires no effort. In addition, the price of the devices is affordable for everyone.

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