Solo Paragliding Ban lifted

Country’s aviation regulatory body Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) which had previously imposed ban on solo paragliding flight has lifted its ban after around 3 weeks.

CAAN had imposed ban on solo paragliding on March 5 after series of incidents occurred which even claimed life of people. CAAN had previously stated to ban flights for 2 weeks but had imposed ban for 22 days.

With the new decision of providing detail to pilots taking solo flights about local weather, permitted routes, landing areas etc the ban was lifted. The pilots will also now be designated to make flights on specified areas and have been forbidden to take part in any paragliding competition.

Foreign pilots performing solo flights will also now require recommendation from Nepal Air sports Association (NAA) and the new rule also implies that tandem flights and solo flights to be performed from different place.

CAAN has also halted operation of some organization which had performed flights that was involved in incident and will not be allowed to operate till next decision.

Previously, after series of paragliding incident, CAAN and Pokhara municipality had halted its operation as most of the companies were found not registered and some were illegally operated. They had also used routes which were not permitted causing problems in helicopter flights as well.

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