Southwest Airlines and JetBlue flying to Montrose airport

For the coming season, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue would substitute the suspended Delta Airlines and Allegiant flights to Montrose Airport.

It is announced that Southwest is scheduled for three flights departing to Montrose from Denver from December’s second week. Flights will take place once a week on weekends for Dallas Love Field and Montrose. Where, on Saturdays and Wednesdays, Jetblue mentioned heading to Montrose.

In a statement published few hours just after flights are now available on the internet, Southwest chief commercial officer Andrew Watterson said during a statement that Southwest becomes straining through different areas to accommodate for two needs. “Desired alternatives for our clients who are searching for snow or warmth, and wide-open areas … and for our group, new companies that are desperately needed to counter the decreased number of travelers in other sections of the world.”
American Airlines and United Airlines will both operate Montrose Regional Airport this season, as per a schedule reported on the airport’s website.

Throughout the aftermath of COVID-19, despite corporate travel increasingly inconsequential, airlines are being innovative with existing networks and lifting heavy coverage to recreational destinations. For instance, American Airlines confirmed its winter operation through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to two Mexican beach destinations.

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JetBlue Transcontinental Expansion going to be profitable?

Jetblue flying to London

According to several reports close to the carrier, US low-cost airline Jetblue will begin operations to London Heathrow by 2021.
From Boston and New York John F. Kennedy International Airport, the carrier is introducing two transatlantic flights.

The newly added routes will be the airline’s first services to Europe and are scheduled to be introduced in 2021 when its Airbus A321LR aircraft is delivered to Jetblue.
In April last year, Jetblue initially said it was introducing flights to London from Boston and New York, but did not confirm which airport in London it will operate.

It was recognized that Heathrow was still the ultimate destination for Jetblue, but new advances in the aviation sector have ensured that slot combinations might be acquired.
The change would encourage travelers on transatlantic routes to such two main US destinations to provide a low-cost option to major airlines such as British Airways and American Airlines. It is still unclear the precise launch date.

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