Southwest prohibited lady travelers on board because of her outfit

Southwest Airlines refused a lady traveler, Kayla Eubanks, because of her outfit. She was boarding a Southwest flight to Chicago from LaGuardia Airport. Kayla twitted and told her top was identified as grotesque, disgusting, and insulting by airline employees.

‘I want to understand why Southwest Airlines contains my clothes in a place like this. How will this top affect my trip, for me, for those other travelers, or for the aircraft? Will you have a dress code for passengers paying to travel on an airplane? For me, it’s the relentless policing on women’s bodies,’ she wrote.

Kayla subsequently posted a video of airline workers asking her she couldn’t board the plane regardless of her attire, ignoring the fact she claims they would be unwilling to locate the guidelines that outlined the uniform policy.

The 22-year-old told reporters she will indeed dress generally in a different fashion for the airport; however, when she decided on the dark-skinned halter top, she had little clue that anybody would find fault with that.

‘I normally wear, like, T-shirts, jeans, or something, to an airport; however, when I arrived in Chicago, it was expected to be like 77 degrees. This is just an hour-and-a-half, a two-hour flight,’ she said.

‘I’ve noticed guys shirtless on flights. I’ve seen people have tank tops that on edge I can see their boobs, not to make it for other individuals, but on planes, I’ve seen several other stuff.’

Because as the pilot borrowed her a t-shirt, Kayla was only permitted to enter the airplane, so when she took it off midair, she was informed she would have to talk to a manager when the aircraft landed.

The dress code of Southwest Airlines says customers can “dress to please,” speaking, “while the dress code of Southwest is comfortable and informal, you are required to show a tidy, well-groomed, and tasteful appearance.”

Southwest released an apology to Kayla after the Twitter post went viral, including hundreds of individuals saying the airline only selects and chooses whether to enforce the dress policy and claimed it will reimburse the expense of her trip as a ‘gesture of goodwill.’

Kayla said for the carrier to evaluate its policies and create better rules, a more acceptable answer will be.

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