SpiceJet 737 suffers tyre burst twice at Chennai Airport, passengers safe

199 passengers on board the Delhi-bound SpiceJet flight had a narrow escape on Thursday as the Boeing 737 suffered two tyre bursts-one while taking off and another while making an emergency landing in Chhenai Airport.

“The SpiceJet flight took off in the afternoon. The pilot of the next flight readying for takeoff reported the presence of some foreign material. On inspection, it was found to be tyre pieces and the SpiceJet flight was called back,” Chennai Airport Director G. Chandramouli told IANS.

Flight SG-106 departed to Delhi at 1.43 pm on Thursday. However, soon after take-off, it was reported that there were ‘hydraulic issues’ on account of which the plane decided to return to Chennai. The crew declared an emergency. Having alerted the airport authorities, the flight landed at 2.26 pm.

Fire and rescue services rushed to the spot. It is reported that all 189 passengers were safely deplaned by the rescue personnel.

The main runway was closed until the passengers were disembarked, plane defueled, parts replaced and moved to a safer place. The second runway was used for landing and takeoff.

At least 21 flights were delayed and six were diverted to Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Tuticorin following the incident.

The incident damage a small portion of the runway which was repaired later. According to reports, airport officials have begun an investigation into what caused the tyre to burst.

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