Sri Lankan Airlines and Aeroflot to fly direct Moscow to Colombo

Sri Lankan Airlines and Aeroflot have begun operating direct flights between Moscow and Colombo. Sri Lankan Airlines and Aeroflot would serve the Sri Lankan and Russian markets jointly once a week with a flight lasting 8 hours and 25 minutes.

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Special flight to bring back Lankan students from Nepal

Aeroflot of Russia and SriLankan Airlines have agreed to conduct at least one weekly service connecting Moscow and Colombo, including a monthly passenger capacity of at least 275.

The restoration of direct flights between Colombo and Moscow would provide an excellent opportunity for Sri Lanka to restore its influence in all aspects of life, particularly political, economic, tourist, commerce, and culture, not only in Russia but across the whole CIS area.

Sri Lanka’s Embassy in Russia, in collaboration with other campaign organizations in Sri Lanka such as the Sri Lanka Tea Board, the Export Development Board, and the Committee of Investment, recognizes aviation’s contribution to renewable environmental development the preservation of socio-cultural ties between countries, and the ability of people to feel connected.

Previous scheduled direct flights

Sri Lanka Airlines, ROSSIYA Airlines Company (JSC), and Aeroflot have discontinued direct flights between Moscow and Colombo.

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