Statue of Pilots: Perhaps a little way to honor their heroism.


Statue of Pilots: Perhaps a little way to honor their heroism.

Saved the lives of nine passengers with no reluctances’ on putting own lives to the end.

The Fallen Heroes – 29 years old Captain: Dinesh Neupane, and 27 years old Co-Pilot: Santosh Rana – a crew of recent tragedy crash of Air Kasthamandap 9N-AJB at Chilkhaya of Kalikot district on Feb 26, 2016.


After crewmembers onboard figured out the technical fault, they imposed to make crash land. The crew made sure the crash-land impact burden to inhale by the nose of the aircraft, which led extreme damage on cockpit, and unfortunately it turned to be the final goodbye from crew.

Regardless of their lives; saved the life of rest 9 passengers – eventually they certainly earned the victory but nation had to bear an irrevocable loss.

To honor their great deeds

Banke (Khajura) has started the initiative effort keeping the statue of both pilots in their honor at Banke Ramjha chowk.

A party meeting held under the direction of Banke Chief District Officer Ravila Pantha, has recommended Nepal Government: the establishment of the status of both pilots at the chowk of Banke Ramjha and naming chowk by crewmembers identity.

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