Student Air Travel Tips and Hacks

Students who only travel occasionally experience various challenges in booking tickets, deciding what to park, where the airport is located, and even the transport options available in their destination if they visit a new location. These challenges sometimes cause students to miss flights and others to fail to carry essential items they need for their travels. But don’t worry; we’ve compiled some easy hacks to help you enjoy a seamless travel experience.

Book Flights in Advance

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Taking the time to plan a trip and book in time can save you a lot of stress, and if you are wise, you might also save some money. One of the most recommended timeframes is booking a flight 2 months before the traveling date. Booking the flight in advance ensures you have plenty of options – you’ll avoid something you will not enjoy once the busy schedule starts.

Additionally, you might pay much less than others during the busy season. Like any other industry, the aviation sector also has a busy season when many travelers seek to get to their destinations. The increase in travelers causes ticket prices to go up. Early bookings will protect you from the busy schedule, ensuring you travel within your budget. If you wait until the last minute, you might have to reschedule your plans because of the increased costs and lack of space.

Look Out for Student Discounts

It would not be fair to finish the issue of saving money without highlighting how different student discounts are offered by various airlines. A good example is United Airlines, which has a 5% discount for individuals between 18 and 23 years old. 18-23 years is the typical age range of college students, and looking out for such deals will help you save some money to use for other activities while on your trip. To identify the existence of a customer discount, you can research the airline or talk to the customer service representatives before booking your flight.

Compare Prices to Get the Best Deal

Just like how you would compare prices to get the best admission essay writing service that offers good value for your money, compare airline prices too. Traveling by air is usually expensive, but there are variances in the prices charged by different airlines. Some are relatively cheaper, while others are more costly. While deciding on the airline to use, look at the prices the different airlines charge for your destination. Some websites can help you compare; the most common sites include Travel Supermarket and Sky Scanner. You can also look online for other emerging applications offering the same services to help you with your comparison.

Consider Travelling Off-peak

Unlike people who have to report to jobs every day, students have a lot of free time during long holidays and summer breaks. You can take the opportunity during such holidays to make travel plans when most people are not traveling. Off-peak travel is relatively cheap, and you will also get hotel discounts as there are not too many people booking accommodation – hotel and flight ticket prices skyrocket with increased demand during the peak season.

Have Copies of Your Travel Documents

There are many cases of people losing their travel documents before their traveling dates or even in the airport, leaving them stranded and having to rearrange their travel plans. Losing travel documents does not mean you are careless because it can happen to anyone. Email your travel documents to yourself or have copies of the documents with you to have a reference if you lose the original copies. The copies will also save you from the struggles of trying to replace a passport in a foreign country, often an unpleasant experience.

Arrive at the Airport on Time

One thing that helps grademiners stay on top of their game is punctuality. You should also be punctual to make your travel smooth. Punctuality begins by planning your travel date well to avoid emergencies that might leave you arriving at the airport late. It is convenient to arrive at the airport two hours before the scheduled flight departure. When traveling, many events, such as traffic jams, might be out of your control. You might encounter protesters blocking a highway, which means taking another route (usually longer). Airport screening and security checks might also take longer than you anticipated. Thus, arriving at the airport two hours earlier than the departure time will be crucial in helping you avoid any inconveniences.

Download Podcasts, E-books, Music, and Movies

A long-haul flight can be boring and tiresome. Downloading content like e-books, music, and podcasts can come in handy and help keep you entertained throughout your flight. Most flights only offer inflight Wi-Fi for first-class members. So, do not count on getting Wi-Fi if you are in business class. Use the Wi-Fi in your home to download what you need to keep you entertained through your flight.

Carry a Phone Charger

It can be disappointing if your phone dies mid-flight after spending all the time and resources downloading fresh content to keep you entertained on your flight. There are charging outlets on every seat in a plane, and you can charge your phone whenever you feel that the phone battery is low. However, you cannot use these outlets if you fail to carry your charger.

Take Note of Bag Restrictions

Airlines have various restrictions concerning carry-on bag sizes. The typical dimension for the largest allowable carry-on bag is 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches. There is also a standard weight that a person is admitted to carry, and there can be extra charges if you exceed the stipulated weight. Thus, checking your airline or itinerary offered for language restrictions is essential. Another thing to note is that you are permitted to bring your personal backpack with you to your seat and carry any item you will use during the flight in the bag.

Roll Rather than Fold

Many think folding items saves space and allows them to include more travel items, but this is untrue. Rolling clothing saves more space and will enable you to stack more things than folding. Rolling further ensures no creases in your luggage – you can wear your favorite outfits the next day after landing.

Mark Your Luggage as Fragile

Though uncommon, you might find something in your suitcase broken when unpacking. The breakage usually occurs when luggage is stacked against each other. If you have packed something you feel might break, you might be better served labeling your luggage as fragile. When baggage is labeled as fragile, extra care is taken by the airport attendants in handling it. The luggage will also be placed on top of the others to protect the fragile items. Additionally, your luggage will be the first to be offloaded upon arrival.

Track Your Flight and Navigate the Airport Using Apps

Airlines have applications that help people navigate their way around the airport, and these applications are a must-have for every traveler. The apps will help you get access to important travel details like the flight gate and departure. Additionally, any information on a flight delay will be updated on the app to help you become informed in advance and make necessary adjustments.

In addition to the application, check your phone for any notifications concerning your flight. There are many cases of flights being canceled because of pilot strikes or other unavoidable circumstances. Being keen on notifications will help you not waste the journey to the airport only to find that your flight was canceled.

Plan for Onward Travel

Do not put all your effort into planning how you will get to the airport and what you will need for your flight; think about the plan after landing. If you visit a place for the first time, your arrival might be more challenging than your journey. Your goals should include the steps after alighting from the plane. Look at the train or bus travel options and routines to ensure you do not struggle to get a means to arrive at your final destination. If it is possible to book travel in advance, it would be wise.

Last Stop

Travel is part of life, and as a student, you might one day find yourself experiencing challenges when traveling. These challenges are common to many, but having a plan to hack them will boost your travel experience. The first thing to do is to book your flight in advance. It will keep you organized and give you plenty of options to choose from, from airlines to accommodation. Also, check out for discounts and consider traveling off-peak to save money.

Arrive at the airport early and carry all the necessary equipment, including your phone charger. And if it’s a long-haul flight, download podcasts, music, e-books, and movies to keep yourself entertained. Lastly, ensure you have planned for what you will do when arriving at your destination – have a clear plan on the transport options you will use, or else you will find yourself stranded at the airport after landing.

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