Suggestions to make aerobridge at the international airports

A sub-committee formed by Parliamentary committee has suggested that every airport of Nepal should be facilitated with aerobridge.

The sub-committee formed by the Parliamentary International Relations Committee in coordination with Former Prime Minister has suggested that the airport should make an arrangement for passenger to enter the aircraft from terminal building.

A sub-committee concluded by suggesting Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) to remove the current arrangement of carrying the passengers by vehicle from terminal building to near of aircraft and to make aerobridge in international and regional airports of the nation.

The request of sub-committee has been approved by the Parliamentary committee to give suggestion by conducting the study about the airports and tourism initiatives including the proposed airport at Nijgadh.

Currently no airports in Nepal have been facilitated with the aerobridge system. The airlines are carrying passengers from the terminal building to aircraft in airport passenger vehicles which gas created mess around the airport and also imposed hazard to flights. So the system can greatly be improvised by introducing aerobridge system for boarding and disembarking passenger in the international airports.

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